Session 117: Master Nick & Master Lukas

Scally lads Nick and Lukas have mummified their sub with tight leather binds. Unable to move, martin is completely at their mercy.

Laid out on the cold concrete floor of a grimy shower block, Nick attaches vicious clamps to the sub’s sensitive nipples. Any movement, no matter how small, sends shots of pain through martins nervous system.

Tracksuits might be the chavs clothing of choice but the cheap material and poor ventilation makes for a very sweaty Master. Not that either Nick or Lukas care when they have a sub at hand to detail their dank hairy pits clean with its mouth and tongue…

Sealing martin’s mouth into their warm sweaty pits they order him to lick every morsel of sweat and dirt away, the promise of a severe beating hanging over him if he does a sloppy job. Nick’s powerful arm locks martin’s head in place, the sub’s only chance to gasp for some fresh air comes when Lukas swaps places with Nick.

Raising the sub’s legs in the air, Nick gobs on his fingers for some lubrication, sinking them one after the other into martin’s anus. With four fingers buried in the slutty whores hole he fucks the cunt with them, loosening the sub up for more degrading humiliation later.

The soles of martin’s feet face skyward, giving Master Nick the perfect excuse to torment the sub even more. Relentlessly tickling and caning martin’s sensitive feet, every whine, whimper or moan is rewarded with even more vicious torment, the Masters laughing together at the pain and discomfort they cause him.

After feeding martin his sweaty bollocks to suck and his arse crack for cleaning, Nick turns his attention to the slutty man hole he just had half his fist up moments before. Deciding to sate his sexual hunger he sinks his rock hard penis between martin’s buttocks, the Master’s thick member meeting little resistance as it stretches the cock-whores loosened sphincter.

Lukas pushes his erection between the sub’s slutty lips and down into the back of it’s throat, fucking the tight warm mouth; The Tops roast the undeserving cunt, satisfying their own carnal pleasure. Lukas empties his balls across martin’s face and mouth, pushing the head of his cock back between the sub’s lips as he pumps out his load, Nick fucking the loosened hole at the rear as he closely watches his chav friend orgasm.

Pulling out of martin’s arse Nick unloads a thick wad of cum across the sub’s buttocks, coating it in h

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