Session 116: Master Toby & Master Joel

Rock god Joel is on stage finishing a long two hour set; Sweat pouring off him from being under the hot lights and his energetic routine…

Down in the green room roadie Toby is prepping a few pick-me-ups ready for when Joel gets off stage. It’s been a long day, humping kit, setting up the sound system, dealing with so much crap he’s not had a chance to grab a break or a shower.

A girlie tap at the stage door means it’s probably a groupie after an autograph, a snog or probably a fuck – Joel has a bit of reputation… But after opening the door he’s a bit pissed off to find a pathetic looking sub claiming to be Joel’s biggest fan. He’s heard it a thousand times before, they all were!

Pulling the sub into the room, Toby has a few uses for this bottom’s mouth before Joel gets off stage. Lifting his arm up he puts peter to work tongue bathing the sweat from his wet rank armpit, sucking the hairs clean before pushing it’s face into the other stinky pit. Peter’s not putting any effort into the task which makes Toby angry.

Pushing the sub to the floor Toby bends forward, ordering peter to sniff and lick the hot sweaty denim in his arse crack, sucking the material to glean the Top’s nectar ground into the fabric.

Toby pulls his thick young cock through the fly of his Levis for peter to bathe clean, his crotch just as stinky and sweaty as his armpits after being confined for the whole day in his jeans. An eager sub licks and slurps at Toby’s penis, sucking his dank hairless ball sack and rolling each testicle around in his mouth to get them pristine clean.

The young roadies cock responds to attention it’s getting in the warm slutty wet mouth, stiffening as Toby face fucks the cunt, pushing it deep into the back of peter’s throat.

Joel enters the green room and finding Toby being serviced by a groupie whore takes his place alongside the roadie ready for his turn to use the sub; A scenario played out a hundred times before for these two handsome Masters.

With his wet pits cleaned in it’s mouth, Joel now wants his dirty arse serviced by the sub’s probing tongue. With his Master bent over the sofa, peter pulls Joel’s arse cheeks apart for better access, the hairy crack now revealing it’s pink treasure. This sub cannot believe it’s luck as it’s tongue digs deep into the rock stars crap chute, licking away dirt and sweat until every morsel has been devoured. Like a tag-team Toby swaps with Joel for his arse to get serviced by the slutty sub’s mouth.

Joel has a treat for peter. All that arse licking must have made the sub’s mouth and throat dry, so to quench it’s thirst Joel empties his bladder across it’s face and into it’s mouth as Toby entertains himself burning off peter’s pubic hair with a cigarette lighter…

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