Session 115: Master Nick & Master Derek

Two handsome shore-leave sailors are on a mission to get pissed and laid. Slutty cock whore martin cannot believe his luck that these gorgeous athletic young men are going to allow him to service their needs.

Master Nick and Master Derek have some fun at the sub’s expense, spitting mouthfuls of brew into it’s mouth and punishing martin for not thanking them for sharing their booze. Ordering the sub to undress them, he shows no respect for Nick’s precious uniform, earning him a beating courtesy of the Tops.

The sex starved Masters get martin to worship their bodies with his mouth and tongue, detailing Nick’s stiff nipples and hairy chest, sweaty ripe armpits and furry stomach and belly button. The eager sub licks and slurps for all he’s worth, moving on to Master Derek’s chest and pits next, making a real meal out of his task.

Stripping Nick’s shoes and socks off with it’s mouth, the sub sticks it’s arse in the air to better detail his Master’s toes and feet, pricking Master Derek’s rampant desire to empty his aching balls, he rubs his stiffening cock through the thin cotton of his tight white briefs.

Devoid of their confining underwear, two thickening erections bounce and vie for attention, the sub’s slutty tongue trained to run up and down the Top’s muscular thighs, heightening the urge to sate their sexual needs. Nuzzling the Master’s bodies in turn, their sweaty ball sacks and gooch are bathed by martins expert tongue, each testicle sucked on like a gobstopper in the sub’s dirty little mouth.

Derek has another use for martin’s slutty tongue, cleaning the grime from his filthy crap chute assisted by Master Nick pushing on the back of martin’s head to ensure the sub’s whole face gets buried between Derek’s buttocks, its tongue digging deep into the Tops puckered anus. He’ll still be tasting Derek’s arse on his lips for days to come after this deep rimming.

Nick lays on the bed and demands his cock is serviced, sucked and licked to a full erection ready to plough the sub’s arse; With martin on all-fours and his bumhole pointing skyward Derek wastes no time sinking his already fat cock deep into martin’s gut. The dirty fucker doesn’t miss a beat as his arse gets ruined on Derek’s mammoth penis, suckling at Nick’s equally thick prick rammed in his mouth.

Swapping ends Nick pushes his erection past martin’s resistant sphincter, pumping the sub for all his worth as the two handsome sailors roast the cunt, riding it hard at both ends, the sub’s muffled moans as his mouth and arse gets stretched and ruined push the Tops to go harder and do more damage.

Derek empties his ball sack first, firing thick white spunk into martins waiting mouth, ordering him to stick his tongue out and lick up any dribbles from the end of his cock, none of the Master’s precious sperm is to be wasted.

Nick tears his cock out of the sub’s ruined arse, bringing it round to martin’s face he squirts his load into the cunt’s throat. Every last drop of Master’s cum is devoured.

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