Session 11: Master Maurice & Master Jon

College boi is all tied up, in Japanese style rope-bondage, hanging naked in place of the boxing bag. Masters Jon and Mo approach. They too are nude but are nursing rock hard erections and are going to use college boi’s holes to release their sexual desires. As Master Mo sticks his thick member into boi’s wet mouth, Master Jon slams his proud engorged tool right into the lad’s arsehole.

With the ropes cutting into his reddening flesh the bottom must endure agonising discomfort and watch Jon assault his aching hole. The fighter gets some speed on, slamming his cock deeper and deeper into the bottom’s guts. While the dominating thug has his way with the boi’s rear the squaddie Maurice verbally humiliates the sub, gobbing into his face. In excruciating pain the bottom is tipped back so his mouth is again plundered by the Scottish soldier’s gorgeous cock.

The bottom is impaled from both ends on cocks. Ready to swap places Master Jon pulls out of the sub’s arse and immediately takes off the used condom and places it in boi’s mouth, who must now chew the filthy rubber. What a lucky bottom to be able to enjoy all those heady juices from his top’s rampant member.

The prospect of fucking such a submissive bottom sends Master Maurice’s cock into a fuck hungry frenzy. Growing a stonking erection he too now penetrates the sub’s sluttish hole. Every limb alive with pain the bound sub must endure Mo’s length fucking him to the hilt. Mo wants to super fuck boi but he’s not happy with the sub’s position. He takes out his wrath on the sub, punching him hard while issuing threats. When Mo wants to fuck you you’d better do as he says! Mo gets a speed on and the look of fear on college boi’s face is a picture. At the same time Master Jon’s todger is fit for release. Boi’s face and mouth are held backwards so that Jon can deposit a large hot load into his mouth whilst still having the other top inside him. Hardly having a moment to swallow the nutritious liquid Master Mo pulls out and brings his erection around to boi’s face too. Jon’s sperm is joined by bucketloads of Master Mo’s in the bottom’s throat. College boi gets all the fun!

His belly full of his Masters’ cum the bottom is left hanging from the beam. Their balls emptied, the 2 satisfied tops leave together to arrange the next torment for a lucky sub.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:15
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2627kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 182.8 MB