Session 10: Master Mike & Master Darren

Army PT instructor Mike is belting crap out of the punch bag in the gym. All the while a pathetic looking sub, blondie, is perving over him. Mike is becoming increasingly angry with the wanker eyeballing him the whole time. It’s Master Darren’s day off from the building site so he visits his mate and the 2 tops decide to introduce themselves to Mike’s new admirer. Blondie can hardly speak, he is not used to tops paying him any mind. They get him on his knees and make him strip. The poor cunt has to reveal THE tiniest cock the tops have ever seen. Now nude, blondie has nowhere to hide it so his tiny cock is the target of nasty verbal humiliation from the laughing brutes.

It’s only right that blondie should worship men with bigger cocks than he so they make him bend over on the floor and kiss & lick Master Mike’s boots. The cowering cunt is whacked hard with a boxing glove for laziness. As a fledgling bottom blondie keeps making mistakes, attracting the wrath of the soldier. Cowering he has to crawl over to Darren and pay homage to his feet too, under a barrage of verbal.

Next blondie has to beg for Darren’s cock. He’s so submissive he doesn’t know how to do it and gets whacked a few times before being allowed to sniff around the builder’s bulge in his jeans. Then the innocent sub is allowed to whip out Darren’s cock and suck on it. He enjoys the wonderful pleasure of the top’s healthy young cock growing in his mouth. Then soldier Mike’s cock needs a bottom’s wet lips around it. That military meat grows hard in blondie’s mouth and it isn’t long before a game of cock tennis ensues with the sub’s slobbering mouth working from cock to cock.

The greedy bottom gorges on cock. Those luxurious thick lengths and pink shiny helmets sucked desperately down into his throat. Blondie has the time of his life as Master Darren bends over and presents his filthy builder’s crack for blondie to chow down on. The sub’s tongue darts in and feeds greedily. Mind you, with Mike’s army boot on the back of his head the wimpy bottom doesn’t have a choice. Mike bends over too and displays the most beautiful pink hole you have ever seen for blondie to feast on. It’s amazing that it takes Master Darren’s foot on the back of blondie’s head to keep his tongue up Mike’s hole.

Maybe it’s because he now can’t breathe! The caring tops allow him to resume his cock sucking duties where at least he can struggle for breath through his nose. The two lusty tops are having so much fun that they turn to each other and french kiss while the cock sucker at their feet continues to service their dicks. He can only dream of receiving that sort of intimacy. The sexual heat becomes overwhelming and Darren’s cock gushes hot builder’s cum all over the cowering bottom’s face, the tops laughing sadistically all the while. Welcome to Brutal Tops blondie!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 22:40
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2737kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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