Session 1: Master Dave & Master Darren

Painpig comes under the attention of Master Dave and Master Darren and they are not happy with his scrawny body. They make him strip naked for an extreme workout session he will never forget. First are arduous press-ups with boot kissing and licking as a reward, cat-o-nine-tails as punishment!

This goads him to exhaustion. A good thrashing and poor painpig is falling all over the place he is so tired. The agressive tops don’t have any sympathy, loading on squats next. Under sufferance of nasty lashes, for every performed squat he is allowed to kiss Master Dave’s dick, through his combats.

Painpig is fit to collapse after a few of those but knows Dave is even more severe with the lash . Master Darren’s cock needs kisses too and the nasty top makes it even harder for Painpig to balance, thrusting that beautiful bulge into his pathetic face. It isn’t long before painpig earns some vicious lashes from Dave who isn’t impressed with painpig falling over.

He is kicked to the floor and has Dave stamp on his chest and is verbally humiliated for his pathetic efforts. Painpig struggles to even do one sit-up but the temptation of kissing Master Darren’s arse, and a few kicks in the ribs from Dave, and painpig is up kissing arse and thanking Darren for it. Then Dave takes over and painpig has the pleasure of kissing his tormentor’s arse too. Darren points out that the crack of Dave’s combats could do with a lick and the lucky bottom is allowed to lick it clean as a reward for straining to do yet another sit up.

Just when painpig thinks he’s in the clear Dave and Darren decide to press his pathetic face tightly into Dave’s arse. He has to strain for every bit of air he can suck through the cloth of Dave’s combats stretched across the Master’s arsehole. Dave pushes him back and sits on his face while Darren lashes the poor cunt. Dave puts his full weight on the bottom’s face, crushing his nose and pressing the military guy’s hole right into the bottom’s tormented mouth. Painpigs cries are muffled by the tops glorious arse perfectly positioned on top of his nose and mouth. The bottom flails from side to side as Darren flogs him. Such exquisite treatment!

Darren and Dave swap and for a moment painpig can catch a breath. Not for long as that young builder’s arse descends right on top of his face. Dave lashes the bottom while verbally humiliating him. While Dave beats the bottom Master Darren laughs and gives him a wonderful gift, a gigantic fart right out of his arse into painpig’s shocked mouth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 14:12
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 3057kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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