Screams, Wax and Electro Shocks, Oh My!

Wasteland’s master carpenter just built a new piece of bondage furniture, a malleable bondage chair that we lovingly call “The Pillory”, that Master Eric X could not wait to get his pain inducing hands on. The poor lost little slave forced to endure his tortures? Leila the dirty pain slut of course! The poor sexy slave had no what she was in store for when she first found herself tied to a wooden bondage chair, being tickled until tears were almost streaming down her gorgeous face. Little did she know that what began as a fun, laughable BDSM session, would soon enough turn into one of the most hardcore and painful experiences that she would ever face. Master Eric X, starts the session off with a bit of flogging and a good intense forced orgasm but he has darker tricks in store as he breaks out the electro shock wand and some burning hot candle wax.

Windows Media Video 9 1920×1080 2000Kbps.
16:14 Minute Run Time.
File size: 251.5 MB