Genres: Bondage, Busty, string
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JR has placed Sammi in a cage nude and hungry. Before doing so he doubled her arms over and bound them. Now she tries to get at the food she has been given in a pooch bowl, soup. She received soup because JR knows she has a strong aversion to that type of food. She doesn’t want it but she knows she had better eat it. She tries to reach it where it sits on top of the cage near where her head pokes out at the top. Her doubled over arms give her limited movement. She tries to reach into the bowl but it is too tall for her to get her hand inside to pull the soup noodles out. Eventually, she catches the bowl by the rim and is able to pick it up and get it inside the cage with her. Once she has it in her lap she pulls a single noodle from the bowl and tries to eat it. Immediately she gags as though she’d swallowed a maggot. She turns her head and with her other bound arm scoots the calf bottle full of dirty water toward her and starts to suckle it, intent on washing down that single noodle. She fishes another noodle from the bowl and gags on it the moment she gets it into her mouth. She manages to get the soup bowl back out of the cage and sat down before coughing up everything she ate that day. She sucks hard on the calf bottle again to wash it down with the dirty water. After the third attempt JR comes in, unlocks the cage, and makes her get out. She struggles off balance, armless to remove herself as JR questions her about her dancing skills. She looks at him with horror first and them humiliation as he tells her he wants to see her latest dance moves performed for The Little Man. She stands there a moment aghast before awkwardly picking up a leg and then dropping it to the ground as though that were a "move". She stands there a moment inelegantly, wipes her hair with her frog arms and then tells JR she isn’t a very good dancer –especially without music. He tells her to invent a song and then she moves her naked body a bit back and forth, self-consciously, before finally deciding to dance like a common stripper. After a few discomfited moves JR reminds her that the dance isn’t for him, it is for the little guy next to her, Little Man. He then throws a pair of stiletto heels onto the stage and tells her to put those on before continuing. It is a bit of an awkward challenge for her given she has little use of her arms. Once heeled she moves over to The Little Man and bends at the waist to place her ass in his face. Then she slides down him that way, keeping her cheeks up against his body. She lap dances him before squatting and taking the dildo on his head into her mouth. She sucks it, she deep throats it, she licks it and then squats over it. She sits down on the dildo and takes it almost to the hilt in her cunt. While she fucks his dildo head JR makes her tell him how good it feels. "It feels so good", "You’re so big". She gasp and pants before rubbing her large breasts together. Her mouth drops open and her eyes close. She humps his cock until her thighs grow weak. Her gratuitous breasts shake and jiggle as the humping grows with intensity. Soon she starts to build to an orgasm and then tears it off right on his skull as she continues to vigorously fuck his head.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 55:18
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 3906kbps
Audio: 375kbps

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