Russian Wrestler – Nikolai – Scene 3 – HD 720p

“You have ten minutes to cum,” the man in change of torturing Nikolai tells the young athlete, exhausted and in pain after spending hours with his genitals and nipples covered with biting clothespins. Despite the still visible wounds on his cock and balls, Nikolai gets hard and presents his erect cock to these men, hoping they will honor their promise to shave two hours off his impending crucifixion if he cums for them. “Five minutes, Nikolai,” Jared reminds the boy, who dutifully spurts a huge load of cum from his beautiful, damaged cock. His dick is still dripping as he’s dragged into an adjacent room for his next torture – a brutal whipping of his back and ass with a leather bullwhip. Next week: Inverted and whipped even harder.

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Duration: 25:53
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