Role Reversal – Part 7

Studly slave Jared finishes his torturous workout, doing hundreds of pull-ups, pushups and squats. As he works out, he’s “allowed” to remove all the clothespins covering his body. Each removal sends a surge of blood back into his ultra-lean flesh, making his skin’s crushed nerve-endings enflame, causing much more pain because he has literally no fat protecting those nerves. Nothing Jared does pleases his master, who constantly orders him to hurt himself more and fuck himself harder. He won’t give Jared a moments rest, ordering him to torture himself with the electric wand as soon as all the clothespins are removed. “Did I please your, sir?” Jared asks after pumping out a huge load of cum all over the dildo he just pulled out of his rectum. “Stop talking and shove that thing back up your ass!” his master barks in reply, “And lick up the rest of your cum.” Even after Jared shallows gobs of his own cum, his master orders him to pull out the dildo and lick it clean, then sit on it and shock his muscles with the electric wand. Jared at his torture-slave best!

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