Role Reversal – Part 6

Jared continues to torture himself to please his master and atone for his cocky arrogance. First he crushes his own balls with a steel vice. “Tighter!” his master screams at him, as Jared grits his teeth in pain, turning the vice’s screw several more times. Jared must now hang a heavy chain from the vice after every set of five pull-ups, ten pushups or 20-count squats he does. Only a young man as fit and strong as Jared could endure such a strenuous workout – let alone do it while his pecs, abs, balls and cock are covered with biting clothespins and 30-pounds of steel hangs from his crushed balls. But it gets better: His master orders Jared to shove a huge, ribbed dildo up his ass and continue the torturous workout. A magnificent muscle-slave, in total agony, shows off his physique, pushes himself to his limits and punishes his body, all for his master.

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