Role Reversal – Part 3

Wyatt continues to dominate Jared – because Jared wants him to. “Get me hard, boy. Use that mouth!” Jared demands, even as he assumes the position of a slave, supine on the torture-horse, head thrown back, torso arched. Soon both men are rock-hard. “When my dick gets hard, my prostate need stimulation,” Jared tells Wyatt, then flips around and presents his puckering asshole. “Fuck me, boy!” Jared barks. Wyatt, nervous as fuck but still hard, starts with his fingers, then moves up to a large dildo, shoving it in hard and fucking his master’s asshole rhythmically while also sucking his cock. “Fuck me harder! Get a bigger dildo!” Jared demands. A minute later Wyatt is fucking his master with a rubber phallus that must be 12-inches long and thicker than a Red Bull can. Jared can’t get enough. Next week: Jared is fucked with two massive dildos – simultaneously!

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