Role Reversal – Part 1

As part of his slave Wyatt’s training, Jared reverses roles, showing Wyatt how a real man takes pain. Only Jared can intimidate and submit at the same time – ordering Wyatt to hurt him in very specific ways. He begins by directing Wyatt to remove his master’s skin-tight workout pants. (Wyatt, of course, sneaks a sniff.) Then Jared, now completely naked, climbs up onto two padded sawhorses, allowing Wyatt to rub his lean, toned muscles. The first lesson is for Wyatt to put Jared’s ball sack in a vice, then tie weights to it, stretching Jared’s balls painfully. Jared remains in control the entire time, as Wyatt literally trembles in fear, worried he will make the wrong move. “Now you will whip me boy,” Jared orders, arching his torso and throwing his head back. “If you whip my face or my balls, you will pay,” he says. “You will whip me across my chest. And you will make me scream.” And boy does it take a lot of pain to make Jared scream.

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