Rex Part 6

Rope man Matt continues to come up with creative ways to tie up and display his latest slave boy, 18-year-old high-school wrestler Rex. The boy is placed on a stool up against the bondage pole, his ankles roped to the base of the stool. His arms are held straight, roped at the wrists to the copper pipes that angle off the sides of the pole. His neck is roped to the pole, him to arch his back slightly. The rope work displays his chest and abs perfectly, while also stressing his back, making him squirm and wince. If that weren’t bad enough, Matt soon adds a never level of pain: He whips Rex’s chest and stomach with a nasty leather flogger. When not whipping him, Matt strokes the boy’s fine muscles, enjoying the heat given off by the reddened skin. Rex looks even better when Matt bends his arms up, binding his wrists to his biceps.

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