Rex Part 5

Matt can’t get enough of his fine, young high school wrestler, Rex. He loves seeing the boy splayed out on this stomach, his back and ass on display. Having just turned 18, the kid is innocent and boyish, yet has the muscular body of a grown man. His ass is round and full, covered with fine hair. His torso, arms and legs are tickly muscled, from years of training and dieting. He’s been wrestling since middle school. The friction of his dick against the carpet-covered bondage table keeps him hard. Matt wraps tight cotton rope around the base of the boy’s cock and balls, then yanks the rope, making his slave squeal in pain. Then he ties the rope to the kid’s toes. Rex is now truly trussed up, his movements highly limited by his rope bonds. He can’t even lower his legs without stretching his balls. Then Matt gets out the cane.

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