Rex Part 2

Our hot little high school wrestler with muscular but boyish body is strapped down on the wooden bondage bench, tight black ropes wrapped tightly under and over his bulging pecs, other ropes binding his wrists under the bench, emphasizing the power of his shoulders and chest. Matt enters and also ropes the boy’s legs, pulling the back, forcing him to rely on the tight ropes to keep him on the narrow bench. He is wearing a humiliatingly small bikini brief that lewdly displays his fat, semi-erect manhood. He moans – the beautiful boyish moans of a scared but tough teenager – through an uncomfortable large ball gag. Matt loves every inch of this boy, but especially his young cock. He pulls the tiny briefs down and the thing plops out and immediately thickens as Matt strokes it. Now its time to for the pinwheel. God, this kid looks good when he squirms in pain, gasping and screaming through his gag. Matt could do this for hours. Hell, he’s keeping this boy for days.

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