Reporter Perils: Snoopy college students tied up by the Dean

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

We thought we would start at the very top of the chain and snoop in the Dean’s office. Carissa and I quietly slipped into the Dean’s office. There was a manila folder on his desk. I took pictures of the documents inside for future investigation. I wanted to get out of the Dean’s office as quickly as possible. But that wasn’t in the plans for the day. The Dean walked into his office and saw us hovering over the folder on his desk. I quickly closed it and started to act like I was dressed. I was wearing a blue sweater that buttoned down the front. It matched my white and blue tennis skirt perfectly. My skirt barely covered my ass so I wore a pair of pantyhose under it. White knee high socks and a pair of tan peep toes completed my outfit. Carissa was wearing a halter top that showed her stomach, short jean shorts, white knee high socks and red heels. She was already turning on the charm for the Dean.

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