Renatas Desires (Part 1-4)

Release Year: 2020
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Whipping, Spanking, Pain
Video language: English

Part 1: Renata, an obedient and curious girl, is dreaming Dr. Lomp to visit her. She calls him, invites for a session. Single tail whips, a duct tape and some spirit ready on the table, she takes her position and starts to wait Dr. Lomp. Anyway Renata is a weak girl, can’t handle tortures. You will see girl’s tears getting her body wet, while Dr. Lomp squeezing her pierced nipples.

Part 2: Now is the shocker time! Dr. Lomp tests Renata’s bravery. He has to put duct tape on her mouth to stop her screams. She is very afraid of shocker, as her breathing regime changes as she face the shocker. Eventually Dr. Lomp her for self-torture. Watch this fragile girl crying in fear.

Part 3: Dr. Lomp whipps Renata hard in the begginig of video. Than he continues to test Renata’s bravery with shocker.

Part 4: Trouble is to finish for cute brat Renata. She will be free of pain soon. This is the final clip of the series and finals are always difficult. In this session, she will taste Dr. Lomp’s famous single tail whip on her helpless flesh. She is already broken, so it will be easier to get her crying. Her beautiful green eyes are getting redden due to intense sobbing. She is a true timid rabbit under Lomp’s unbearable tortures.

Total size: 5.4 GB in 4 files.