Redhead Realtor Stripped & Bound & Left In A Shed

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Pretty redhead realtor Sarah Brooke is starting to close up an open house she was doing all day. I knock on the door and let myself in. The agent asks me to come back tomorrow, but I insist on seeing this property. I tell her I am new in the area and desperate to find a new home. Reluctantly Sarah begins to show me the place. I question her about the owners and determine they have already moved out of state. I ask the lovely girl about storage space and say I have alot of stuff. Sarah explains that there is a storage unit out back and agrees to show it to me. I pull a wet rag out and pounce on the dumb agent covering her mouth and nose. I torment her – breath it in bitch!! Poor Sarah flails her arms and legs trying to fight it off, but her body goes limp – and she is out cold. Perfect! I peel off Sarah’s skirt and unbutton her satin blouse stripping that off of her body. Next I roll off her pantyhose and poor Sarah is left with only a tiny pair of panties on. I roll her over and rope up her elbows cinching it nice and tight. Sarah begins to wake up slurring her words "what is going on?" I laugh as I bind her knees together. Poor Sarah’s eyes widen in fear when I pull her up onto her knees and shove a rag deeply into her mouth sealing it in with layer of elastic bandage. Poor thing can’t scream or cry for help now! I finish tying her up and secure her arms into a nice strappado. Sarah is really sweating now in the hot shed. She watches in horror as I strip off my own clothes and begin putting on her clothing. I tell her that I’ve escaped from prison and needed a new identity. I’ll be taking yours Miss Sarah Brooke, Sarah struggles in her bondage as I slowly close the shed door leaving her alone bound and gagged in the heat and darkness.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:38
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Audio: 125kbps

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