Realtimebondage guns & buns

Kate Kenzi has a toned little body. She’s also got a great ass. We make good use of her. Kate is into humiliation so the we make fun of her. For instance singing is not her strong suit. She’s got to stick with getting naked!

Her hands and feet are in the metal cans. She sits carefully trying not to hurt herself by moving around to much. OT gets her up on her feet and she’s instantly in pain. The cans get screwed to the floor. Then her hands are put down on the ground and screwed in place.

With her ass up and out for the world to see we take advantage. First making it bright red and then putting a thick dildo in her wet cunt. Her nipples get hard clamps with weights. Kate has to keep the dildo in while she gets flogged.

Just as the members requested Kate’s tender buns are perched on the spike board. Her arms and legs pull her down on it and her hair is pulled up. She has no choice, but to shift her weight on her ass causing maximum pain. Then her tight clamps are attached to her nipples. The clamps are attached to the ground to further torment her. OT gives her a little incentive to bounce around which makes the pain even worse.

It’s time for Kate’s shock treatment. More harsh electro clamps are placed on Kate’s already tender nipples. The electricity is turned way up and the questioning begins. Each question brings a scream from her lips. The members keep the questions coming and OT sprays some water on her nipples to enhance the shocks. The members suggest Kate is being too loud so OT puts a tape gag on her. Much better.

In the final installment of Kate Kenzi’s Live show Kate is dangling from a pipe rig. Her hair is attached to her feet pulling her face back and her feet out. Most of her body is exposed for a harsh whipping. With each stroke Kate’s screams turn to moans and back to screams again. The members give her assignment. She must recite something in Latin while being whipped. Kate claims to be a serious player and she’s no joke. OT plays the "Cane me somewhere else" game. Kate has to beg to be caned somewhere else, but she’s in too much discomfort and she can’t think of where else she wants to be caned.

Next she’s put tits first on the spike board. All of her weight is pressing down straight onto her tits. The whip comes out again and this time OT hits her even harder. Kate seems to barely register the strokes until OT hits her feet.


Format: mp4
Video: 1280×720

Total size: 8.1 GB in 3 files.

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