Raina Graysin Peril On Pendulum

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Raina Graysin finds herself on top of a wooden table with leather cuffs tightly strapped to her wrists and ankles as she is only wearing a skimpy semi see-thru pair of black thongs and completely covered and glistening from the oil all over her body. She is slowly stretched making her arms and legs to go as straight as her body will allow. Her elbows straight, her armpits fully exposed and vulnerable along with her tits, belly, thighs and everything in between. The bandanna cleave-gag keeps her quiet at this position is simply stretches her beyond believe. She stares at the pendulum as it slowly lowers closer and closer to her shiny lubed up belly. Her armpits are very smooth, hairless, and oiled up and the camera makes sure we see her armpits often as well as her gagged face and strapped down body. She realizes its pointless to scream when there is nothing she can do but watch the pendulum swing back and forth as it gets closer to her mid section. Eventually it cuts into her belly causing slices as we hear it hitting her belly button jewelry as well. The red fluid is helpless as she is unable to suck in her belly any more than she already is as she has not choice but to just feel and watch as the pendulum of doom does what it does. The pain is too much as she faints as we continue to watch her now limp body as the pendulum is stuck still in her belly and the red liquid is dripping down her sides. Yet another woman falls for this pendulum peril of doom.

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