Putin’s Revenge – Part 8

“Time to turn it up to full power,” Jared announces, as Alex lies spread-eagled on the torture table, moaning, exhausted by the long hours of torture he has already endured. Then the current flows into his cock and balls – twice as strong as earlier – literally lifting him off the table and making every muscle in his lean, athletic body contract. After two shocks, Alex is gasping in pain, glistening with sweat, but the full-power shocks have just begun; there are so many more to come. Plus Jared has an additional level of agony planned. He affixes Alex’s wrists to the winch on the wall and stretches him tight, adding inches to his already long body. Then he turns on the current again. Alex will remain at maximum stretch, with bursts of electricity regularly surging into his body, for ten more hours. Putin’s revenge, indeed. Next week: A beautiful, mixed-race boy.

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