Putin’s Revenge – Part 6

Jared takes a break from Alex Chandler’s official torture regiment to enjoy himself, fucking the boy with a tapered, rigid dildo we call the “punishment dildo.” Gay Alex has clearly been fucked before, but Jared still makes him suffer, shoving the spike-like dildo in hard and deep, fucking the Russian boy’s asshole raw as he moans in pleasure-pain. But Jared is just getting warmed up. “I bet you liked that, didn’t you? Now it’s time for a little fun of my own,” Jared tells the helpless kid, uncuffing his wrists and making him get up on his knees. “Suck me off, boy!” the stud demands, ripping off the front of his leather jock, sliding between Alex’s legs and grabbing his head, pushing his mouth down on his cock. Alex sucks Jared’s cock like a pro, then jerks off the man who has been hurting him, hoping against hope that he’ll be shown some mercy. Jared busts a huge load all over his abs, then orders Alex to lick off the jizz.

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