Punishment Crew part 1

Today we tell a tale of a day that Hollie Stevens will never forget…In the morning rush to get coffee, parking lots in Los Angeles can get very packed…bad moods abound in the cars whose drivers have not yet fully woken…Soma and Hollie are both searching for a spot…By all true rights, Soma had dibs on the space…she waited for the other driver to back out…but Hollie pulled right in….Soma is not pleased and Hollie is unphased…she flips Soma off with a what-are-you-gonna-do attitude…Soma takes down her license info and makes a call to her boys…Hollie’s coffee didn’t do much for her, because only hours later, Hollie is napping at her house…This is when they come and remove her…taped, gagged, stripped…tied spread and naked in the bed of a truck and driven to Soma’s place…This is just the beginning…Taken inside, tied and groped, Hollie can’t believe what’s happening to her…Then Soma plays with her…punishes her…humiliates her…tied in a wheelchair, Hollie is pushed to her final destination…Soma has prepared her own beautician to assist…Hollie won’t forget the lesson of the day…When you piss off the Goddess, you lose your fucking pretty blonde hair…Hey, It’s just a story folks. Hollie is a great actor and volunteered for the head shaving shoot…Thanks much to Soma and Boi for their interpretation of a classic story.

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