Prosecutor Can Indict Now

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

My husband is a major mafia kingpin and he’s been indicted. Prosecutor Nikki Brooks has made it her mission to put him behind bars and she’s built a very strong case against him. I decide to take matters into my own hands the Italian Way and get her out of the picture. I ring her bell posing as a poor little woman whose car broke down. I ask Nikki if I may use her phone and she is only too glad to help me. The minute she turns her back to show me in I zap her with my taser sending jolts of electricity into her! The tall blonde’s knees buckle and down she goes. I grab her and hold her arms between my thick thighs quickly roping up her elbows cinching it tightly behind her back. Nikki still thinks she is in charge and she begins to threaten to have me arrested! I push her down onto the floor and wrench her high heel up against her ass cheek tying her leg into a frogtie. Nikki struggles to get away from me but I do her other leg the same way and render her quite helpless. I get good and tired of her running her mouth so I shove a wad of white rag into her big mouth and secure it in tightly with elastic bandage. Don’t you know what happens to the case when the prosecutor doesn’t show up!! Poor prosecutor Brooks screams through her gag. I add a crotch rope which splits her uptight little pussy in two!! I let the bitch know that some of my husband’s cronies will be along soon to pick her up. Helpless Nikki screams and cries, but her fate is sealed and my husband will now go free!!

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