Prison Bitch – Part 9

“You are going to like this is prison!” prison guard Martin Thorn says as he pushes a massive, ridged butt-plug deep into Levy Foxx’s virgin ass. The kid screams and buckles as he’s penetrated over and over. Martin leaves the plug in, then covers the youth’s firm ass cheeks with clothespins and leaves him overnight, fucked and in pain. The next day, Levy, still completely naked, is affixed to an upright X-cross with chains and elastic bands. The bands dig into his lean leg muscle. He’s been alone for hours when Martin returns, wearing the black uniform of a torture-guard. Martin gags the kid with a ball-gag then methodically flogs the teen’s smooth, muscular body, stopping briefly to stroke his body and twist his nipples. Levy looks oh-so-sexy, arching his back and squirming in agony, begging for mercy with his innocent eyes.

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