Prison Bitch – Part 7

Teenage prisoner Levy Foxx is fucked with a massive, 12-inch dildo wielded mercilessly by prison guard Martin Thorn. Martin loves the shrieks of agony pouring out of the youth as his previously untouched asshole is plowed like he’s a cheap whore getting rammed by a jack hammer. Then Martin clips six pinchers to Levy’s ball sack and two to his nipples; they feel like bees stringing the most sensitive parts of his body. Minutes later his cock and balls are completely covered with clothespins, the dildo still shoved up his ass, making his whole body tremble in pain. Martin has had his fun and walks out, leaving Levy fucked and in agony, spread-eagled on the torture table. This in Levy’s life now: naked, alone, fucked and in pain, all because he stole a couple of and was prettier than his friends.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:48
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