Prison Bitch – Part 6

Beautiful boy Levy Foxx is chained to a table, spread-eagled on his back, naked and terrified. Alone in the cold dungeon, he can see a small flogger, a longer single-tail whip and an absolutely massive dildo lying on a table near his feet. Martin Thorn enters, now fully dressed in his black uniform. He picks up the flogger and immediately tears into Levy’s chest and abs, making the boy squirm and squeal in agony, each blow more painful than the last. The flogging is nonstop for what seems like an hour then, suddenly, it gets worse, much worse: Martin switches to the single-tail. With every slicing cut of the whip, Levy throws his head back and screams, his body arching beautifully, showing off his lean, boyish physique. “There will be bigger dicks than mine in prison, boy,” Martin says, grabbing the massive 12-incher from the table. Then he thrusts it up the shrieking boy’s ass.

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