Prison Bitch – Part 3

“Don’t you fuckin’ try anything,” prison guard Martin Thorn, naked from the waist down, tells Levy Foxx as he unbolts the nearly naked youth from the wall, turns him around and reattaches him, facing out. Levy is one sexy boy, so young he is nearly hairless, as smooth as a bowling ball, with a thick wad of hair flopping in front of his face, dripping with sweat. Terrified, Levy can only imagine the worst as Martin straps on hard-rubber punching-gloves. “You’re about to get a taste of what happens to pretty boys like you in prison,” Martin says. He pounds Levy’s abs, chest and sides with dozens of hard blows, one after the other, making the teen gasp in agony. Martin rips off the kid’s tiny briefs and sucks his cock until both he and Levy are rock hard. Then the punching resumes. Levy has no ideas what is happening – pleasure, then pain, pleasure then pain – but his cock soon erupts, busting a huge load of cum into Martin’s palm, which he wipes on Levy’s body. Levy will hang on that wall, naked, covered with his own cum, for hours.

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