Prison Bitch – Part 11

Young prisoner Levy Foxx remains completely naked, gagged and affixed to an X-cross, but now facing it. The brutal flogging he just received on his chest and stomach was just a warm-up. Now, after giving his arm a rest, prison guard Martin Thorn whips Levi’s ass and back even harder, making the kid moan and whimper in agony. Levy is like an insect caught in a web, helpless, completely at the mercy of his captor. The boy’s firm ass and muscular back barely give under the whip; his muscles are hard, his body lean. “You’re getting nice and red,” Martin says. “Wouldn’t want you to get infected,” he adds with a smirk, spraying the boy’s wounded skin with pure , sending him into spasms of pain. But the pain is about to get much worse: Slice after slice of the single-tail whip. Levy’s trashing and flexing under the lash is pure beauty.

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