Prison Bitch – Part 1

Nineteen-year-old Levy Foxx is part of a “gang” of young Asian boys who steal and candy bars from local stores. Levy – the best looking of the boys – is the only one held by the cops after the gang is arrested. Slender and smooth, with a look of pure innocence, Levy is sent not to a traditional jail but to our special facility. He is cuffed by his wrists and ankles, stripped to his underwear and placed in a small cage. Levy knows something strange is happening, but he has no idea what. “Do you know why you are here, boy?” Martin Thorn, a prison guard dressed in black, asks as he reaches into the tiny cage and caresses Levy’s body and grabs his cock. “No!” Levy says, terrified. Martin just smiles. “You know what happens to pretty boys like you in prison?” he asks, as Levy shakes his head. “You are going to suck a lot of dick,” he says as he pulls Levy out of the cage, handcuffs him to it and pushes him down on his knees, then removes his own pants and shoves his cock into the boy’s mouth. Levy cries and gasps for air as he swallows Martin’s rock-hard cock.

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