Pony Girl part 2

Part two contains hot scenes of torture, lesbian discipline with strict trainer Mistress Zoe, an extended Pony Girl dressage sequence where Ariel and Danielle genuinely do learn a co-ordinated Pony Girl display routine, metal bondage, Pony harnesses, humiliation in the dungeon and above. Pony Girl training at the hands of the wicked Pony Trainers, made to sleep on the cold stone floor of the dungeon, Ariel thought her lot couldn’t get any worse. Who was that gorgeous blonde friend they’d seen her with around town? Ariel resists at first, to betray her friend, but a visit to the Meditation room might loosen her tongue. The only thing that will stop the forthcoming torment is her her to give up the name and address of her friend. Ariel screams as the wires are connected and the dreaded house torturer turns the full hard of his art and his devilish devices upon her helpless body. We must make moves to acquire this Danielle for our stable, the Pony Trainers decide! Perhaps a letter,informing her that she has won a competition? Then a hospitable cup of tea and the delectable Danielle will be in our clutches, to be chained and harnessed into submission as another Pony Girl in the stable! How will Ariel live with the knowledge that she has betrayed her friend, and that their joint sufferings are all her fault?

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