Playtime – Part 4

Beautiful, young Wyatt is back! Jared has kept him locked in a tiny cage for the last two weeks, naked and shaved clean. The slave has been fed and exercised so he’s ready for more torture. Jared drags Wyatt from his cage and bolts him to the cross. The kid has never been crucified before but quickly learns the simple power of the cross. He is fit and compact, with a good strength-to-weight ratio, so he can hold himself in place for several minutes before the ache – then the agony – sets in. Soon, however, the slave is gasping in pain, glistening with sweat, his legs shaking. And then things get worse: First Jared puts a ball-crusher on Wyatt’s balls, then hangs a heavy iron weight from it. Wyatt moans in agony. He needs relief! And he gets it, sort off. Jared attaches electrodes to the metal ball crusher and Wyatt’s wrist and places a stool covered with pressure-sensors in front of him. The slave can step on the stool to relieve the pull of his body against the cross, but even slight pressure sets electricity surging into his body. Jared the sadist strikes again.

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