Playtime – Part 2

“We’re just getting warmed-up” Jared tells Wyatt, then pulls of his own shirt and pulls down his boy’s briefs, so he can lash his ass as well as his back. Wyatt screams in pain and trembles in fear, but he is clearly turned on by being dominated by a young muscle stud. Jared breaks into a huge smile as he continues to whip his slave with the single tail. Jared is so turned on he licks and kisses his boy’s naked body – when he’s not whipping it. Soon Jared is fingering Wyatt’s ass and stroking his cock. “Thank you, sir,” Wyatt says as his cock hardens. Then Jared returns to the whip, making his boy even wilder with pain and desire. All it takes is a few more strokes by Jared’s expert hands for Wyatt to bust a huge load of cum all over the dungeon floor. The jizz sprays five feet in front of him.

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