Pink Army – The Interrogation

As a bonus feature this week, we present a short film, “The Interrogation” produced by friends of Wasteland, PinkTV. Although this film is not BDSM (it’s porn, but really GOOD porn!), it has a nice mix of beautiful women with sub-machine guns and a shooting style that we really enjoy. And, yes, these are real Soviet-era machine guns! PinkTV shot this series in the Czech Republic a few years ago and, lo and behold, any film maker that so desires can rent Soviet uniforms, weapons, and even tanks that the former occupying nation simply left behind after the dismantling of the USSR. Cool, eh? You can also see some of the work that Wasteland has done with PinkTV in the series “Into The Mist” available in our feature films section.

FLV Flash Video 4 864×480.
29:10 Minute Run Time.
File size: 178.6 MB