Peter Part 6

Peter is bent over a steel barstool, his knees roped to the foot ring, his arms spread wide and tied to a low wooden bench in front of the stool. Even before rope man Matt starts to finger his asshole, Peter knows he is going to be fucked – and fucked hard. Despite being a classic teenaged pretty boy – the kind of guy everyone assumes is gay – Peter is straight and has never been fucked in the ass. Matt fingers him expertly, getting that tight, virgin hole to open up a bit before he reaches for his massive dildo – the one he grips like brass knuckles and literally punches into a boy’s asshole. Matt goes slow and steady, but Peter is in great pain, gasping in disbelieve as the hard-rubber phallus penetrates him. The fucking is slow, rhythmic and unrelenting. Peter struggles against his ropes but he is utterly helpless to prevent this painful violation of his body. Matt leaves him alone and humiliated, trembling, nearly in tears. But his ordeal is far from over.

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