Peter Part 4

Rope man Matt reties pretty boy Peter’s wrists to the steel pole and lets him struggle against his bonds, his cock and balls lewdly protruding from the hole in his undies. The poor kid is a feast for the eyes for anyone who likes a beautiful boy tied tight and in pain. But it gets better! Next Matt bends the kid over a steel bar stool, spreads his arms along a low bench and ties him down at the wrists and at his knees, forcing his now totally naked ass up in the air. Peter knows in his gut that his ass is about to get beat. And what an ass it is: plump and firm, quivering in fear. The look of fear on Peter’s pretty boy face is almost as satisfying as those two hard globes of quivering muscle. Then he sees the switch – that’s right, an old fashion rod of wood! Who knew that Matt isn’t just an expert at knots, but also in the 19th Century skill of canning!

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