Peter Part 3

Matt has Peter stand up against a steel post arms bent back over his head. The poor pretty boy is being tied to the post, like a pig on spit. His chest is tightly wrapped. His arms are bent back over his head, wrists tied to the to post. Now it’s time to tie his ankles, finishing the job. To add to his humiliation, pretty boy Pete is forced to wear slutty stripper undies that accentuate his oversized cock and balls. Matt fondles the boy’s body, grabbing and squeezing his fat package at will, caressing his hairless skin and taut young muscles. For this scene, Matt will introduce a new kind of pain – the razor sharp pin wheel. Peter screams in disbelieve as the needles puncture his cock and balls thru the see-thru fabric. “Noooo!” he screams, but Matt just presses harder. Then he gets out the scissors and cuts away the fabric. Peter’s half-erect cock pops out. Now the real torture begins.

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