Perverted guy

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Poor beautiful blonde Roxie Rae always left alone by her older husband. She makes the mistake of venturing into on line dating while her husband is out of town. She meets the man for a juice and is appalled to find out it is her step boy!! She is furious that he lied on his profile and that she has been put in this compromising situation. Her step boy says he will tell his man about Roxie’s indiscretions. Roxie begs him not to do this and says she will do anything he wants if he promises not to tell on her. The step boy brings Roxie to his house and insists she wear the Gucci sunglasses he brought her for their date. The young man has another fetish and he binds Roxie’s arms behind her back crushing her elbows together and roping them up all the way down her slender arms. This hurts Roxie complains but her whining doesn’t phase him at all. In fact, the kiinky bastard is getting off on watching Roxie bound with the sunglasses sliding down her nose. He tells her to open the door with her and watches her struggle to reach her bound arms up towards the door knob. Then he makes her walk down the hall while he breathes heavily following her into his bedroom. He binds up her ankles and removes her high heels laughing as she shrieks while he tickles her bare feet!!

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