Permission Denied

Rich has a lean, muscular, young guy tied to the bed in his white briefs for a teasing session
with instructions not to cum without permission or "terrible things will happen." He lightly strokes
and tickles the young man’s body, then plays with the outline of his hardening cock through the
fabric of his briefs before freeing his erection from its prison. His cock springs into view and Rich
oils and massages just his balls before finally taking control of his erection. Rich gently strokes and
manipulates the young man’s dick and soon he’s writhing in his bondage, his lean, muscular legs
flexing while he moans and gasps with pleasure. Four times he asks for permission to shoot but he’s
denied. Rich tells him he wants him to "hold onto it" as he slows the pace slightly but doesn’t let up.
In desperation he asks for permission one more time and again he’s denied. Rich keeps stroking and
his young victim begins to grow urgent. "I can’t hold it" he pleads, "I’m gonna cum now" and
"here it comes" and grunting and groaning and twisting in his restraints he looses his battle to hold
on and shoots his load into the air. Rich stops stroking while he’s cumming and the young man
thrusts his hips, trying to fuck the air. Then Rich plays with his sensitive dick and scolds him.

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