Pearl Rose: Secretary Brought Home & Strictly Leather Bound

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Pearl Rose loves bondage. She is the type of bondage secretary that pushes her limits and then asks for more. Mr. Big Boss knows and loves this about Pearl, so he decides to invite her over to his house after work one day. Pearl is standing in Mr. Big Boss’s sitting area. She is wearing a tight purple and black latex dress and black high heel pumps. Mr. Big Boss laces her arms tightly into a leather arm binder. Her elbows are together with the tight lacing. Once her arms are tightly cinched, Mr. Big Boss displays a bit of dominance towards Pearl before tying a leather blindfold over her eyes and depriving her of her sight. Next, a panel gag head harness is applied and Pearl can no longer easily communicate with the Boss. She is then told to kneel on the floor where her ankles are bound together with a leather strap. A simple strap is added to Pearls bondage which connects her ankles to the d-ring of her head harness. Pearls head is lifted off the floor making it harder for her to breathe. The hogtie strap pulls the leather panel gag tighter to Pearls face, the ball of the gag further in her mouth. Pearl is left to endure the simple yet strict and challenging hogtie. Her breathing quickens and is labored. She has little room to move. Mr. Big Boss releases her from her hogtie only to reconnect it even tighter. Muffled noises of distress leak from behind the tight panel gag, but when the Boss asks if she needs to be released she signals no. Mr. Big Boss allows her to continue to push her limits until he thinks she has had enough.

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Duration: 15:17
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