Pants ruined for Joseph

Release Year: 2020

Joseph has such a muscular manly body he ought to always be stripped and tied up for us to run our hands over whenever we wish. That body is like hot hard steel bursting with strength and it’s hot to feel him jerk away from us and struggle against his binds. That big monster cock of his can barely be contained in his tight white pants which we ruin so he’s totally exposed. He grunts in humiliation because of the feelings of pleasure and pain coursing through his body as his cock is manipulated and stroked and he can’t stop it from becoming achingly engorged. When his foreskin is peeled back his glans throb bright and pink against his dark skin.

We want him to know we have total control of his dick now so alternate the pleasure which gives him a hard on with punishment from a flogger. Derek slides a vibrator up his arse screwing the fucker deep.

We don’t want the tender head of his cock shrinking away so his bell end is strung up. His big full nuts are tied up. The incredibly sensitive head of his dick is teased with a vibrator till he feels the pleasure shooting through his body no matter how he grits his teeth against it. He’s drained of his semen. This big studly man’s genitals are his pride and joy but now we own them fully.

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Duration: 16:11
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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