Having Fun With A Stupid Slave Girl – Full HD 1080p

Today Valeria invites her friend Kira to have fun with a new stupid slave girl anna. Kira agrees with pleasure and Valeria calls slave girl anna to her. Misarable slave girl immediately crawls to the feet of her Mistresses and the girls bind her hands and control her like a puppet, forcing her to give herselve slapped and play with her as they want. It is humiliating and funny at the same time, and the girls can’t stop and laugh at the poor slave girl. Then they throw her on the floor and order her to clean their beautiful bare feet. A slave girl crawls on the floor like a worm. And suddenly Valeria and Kira didn’t like how anna licks their feet and they decide to spank her ass as a punishment. The girls whip her ass with power and anna’s face turned red but this wasn’t enough and they began to pull her hair and taunt her even more. Today, anna is a puppet and she is ruled by two beautiful Mistresses doing various funny and humiliating things from pushing her finger in her nose to bondage. When Valeria and Kira had plenty of fun, they ordered a stupid slave girl to crawl back into her closet.

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First bdsm punishment for Serina Gomez

Release Year: 2020
Studio: LegalPorno
Genres: 1 on 1, anal, bbc, big butt, big tits, blowjob, first time, high heels, interracial, rough

Pretty woman and black guy. He ties her up, fucks holes with his black cock and a rubber dildo

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DeClaireation – Claire Adams

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Claire Adams
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination, Torture, Humiliation, Toys, Anal Hook, Vibrator, Nipple Clamps, Suspension, Pain, Foot Licking, Hooded, Clothespins
Video language: English

Claire Adams is one of those women who likes her play rough. So when he pushes her up against the wall a huge smile crosses her face. The bondage begins and Claire watches her freedom fade away. It’s not long before her ringed cunt is exposed. Her rings are used to spread her lips and give access to her sensitive nub. She shrieks and flails, but the bondage holds her. She begs for orgasm. Point shoes are hard to wear, but Claire is no ordinary bondage woman. One leg goes up and all her weight is on her foot. A hood covers her head and clover clamps are put on her nipples.

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Wayne – Locked in stocks

Release Year: 2020

Muscular stud Wayne clings to his macho pride so he’s locked in the stocks wearing only his tight white pants to humble him. Even with the bad men standing over him authoritatively while he’s completely vulnerable he still mouths off to them. Such insolence must be corrected to teach this straight dickhead his true place. His exposed arse is given a severe flogging until he obediently licks a man’s dirty trainers. Wayne still thrashes around too much so the men hook his nose and connect it to a clamp over his foreskin so he can’t move at all without giving himself very acute cock-aching pain. Not even this can melt his stupid stubborn hetero man’s willpower. He’s fucked up the arse with a buzzing vibrator until his arsehole is dripping wet.

Wayne visibly trembles with the strain receiving the most intense and shaming workout of his life. That sloppy arsehole is too tempting so Adrian whips down his trousers to screw him long and hard making him groan in pain. Wayne is ordered to continue worshiping his captor’s shoes and lap up stinking hot piss from a dog bowl while being mercilessly done up the rear.

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Wayne – Pinned down and stripped

Release Year: 2020

Rock star Wayne has become accustomed to travelling the world receiving free booze and blowjobs from fans wherever he goes. He lives the ultimate party lifestyle with throngs of people willing to debase themselves to taste the sweat from his armpit. It’s time for this rocker to be made into an obedient whore. He drifts into Adrian’s bar for a cold beer. After slinging a few cold ones back and some chat he wants to make his exit. Dave strong arms him to the floor where his jeans are quickly ripped down to reveal his curvaceous tempting arse. Before Wayne can comprehend what’s happening a throbbing erection is shoved into his hole making him howl and squirm. Dave pounds him into being an obedient cocksucker with the help of a mouth stretcher.

He’s rammed from both ends. His hard rock body is put to proper use as a receptacle for horny men’s sperm. The roar of his adoring fans fades into the distance as he only hears the mocking laughter of the men who now have him captive.

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Wayne – Bound with arse splayed open

Release Year: 2020

Hetero Wayne is given a stern lesson in endurance and being the recipient of sadistic male desire. He needs to understand that he won’t be able to grit his teeth and bare being screwed by men. His new existence as a cum receptacle will be intense, arduous and never end. He’s roped up with his tight hetero hole spread wide open and ready for use. Dave lashes his arse and teasingly tests his firm muscular body with a wicked cane. Several lashes to the sensitive soles of his feet are timed out so that Wayne’s anticipation of the shocking pain is as intense as the actual caning. Readying his arsehole for use Dave widens his hole with a vibrating dildo which makes Wayne wince from being invaded so intensely.

Wayne’s arse is next filled with a throbbing real dick which Dave angrily thrusts deep inside him while clutching Wayne’s neck and demanding he keep his eyes open to see who is fucking him. A fresh load of hot semen is shot directly onto Wayne’s throbbing hole. The load is rammed deep inside his anal cavity and sealed in with a buttplug. To ensure Wayne understand that his pleasure is not a factor at all his testicles are secured in a crusher and he’s left trembling with fear that any man coming along can use his body.

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Butt Out

Matt Sizemore proves to be the man of many loads in Scene One. His first nut results from a world-class blow job from Aaron Tanner. Then, after working over Tanner’s ass with his fingers and fist, he shoves his cock up Tanner’s hole and blows another giant load!

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BreederFuckers Collection 5

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Oral/Anal Sex, Cumshots, Tattoos, Spanking, Dildo, Rimming, Facial, Muscle, CumEating

The internet’s most controversial website. Straight young athletes are seized, stripped naked, bound, tormented, degraded and fucked…and it’s all captured on video.
Watch handsome confident hetero jocks totally ruined, their straight untouched holes stretched open, penetrated and defiled. Their muscular chests, backs, stomachs and buttocks flogged red raw, they are made to deep throat their assailants’ cocks. Hot cum hits the back of their disgusted throats and they are made to swallow it all down by their new masters.
The torment is fiendish and relentless. It’s high time these straights were taken and used greedily for our own pleasure don’t you think?

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Mistress’s Marriage Counseling – Full HD 1080p

Making her spanking industry debut with Delco Video Productions, Alice is a professional mistress/disciplinarian, tasked with bringing Melody Nore under control for ugly behavior towards her husband. Melody is brought into a dungeon setting and Mistress begins an array of punishments by hand, paddle, strap, and cane to instill gratitude and obedience. Special thanks to both London Tanners and The Kink Shop for implements used in the making of this film.

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Der Sadisten Zirkel 30

Release Year: 2016
Cast: Ingo Le Grande, Karina Hamburg, Agent Z
Genres: BDSM, Sado, Maso, Dominant, Bizarre, Extreme, Pain, Fotzenpumpe
Video language: English

Our Karina Hamburg, known for her limitless resilience and pleasure in pain, as well as for the unbelievable capacity of her cunt and asshole, is receiving a very special tormenting program today. Cunt pumping, fisting, breath control, extreme bondage, anal and cunt stretching and every kind of torturous treatment elicit screams of pain from the horny pig. Her wet sin hole is beaten with hot wax and a rack makes the novice scream as if her last hour had struck …

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Harp – Abby

A heavy flogger comes out and her ass is beaten with it, then.

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Bunny Colby

He immediately begins questioning, but teases him about.

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Trials of The Satin Maid

He goes deep and hard cunt making her wiggle and moan and when he adds.

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Full Gold Vip The Best Mega Collection Of Bondage Orgasms. Part 2.

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

We have her sitting with her legs spread wide and tied to steel posts to prevent her from closing them during her orgasms. Her hands are pulled out to her sides making her completely helpless. The vibe is pressed hard against her pussy and then turned on.

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The Beautiful Slut

Being his filthy whore and can’t get enough of this hot action.

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Encased By Catwoman – Star Nine and Chrissy Marie – Full HD 1080p

Cub reporter Chirssy Marie is itching for a promotion. Constantly passed over at work, she comes up with a perfect plan to get noticed – an exclusive feature on a notorious villain – Catwoman. Chrissy locates and sneaks into Catwoman’s layer. Finding it empty, she begins to investigate – pawing through Catwoman’s dresser. Catwoman catches the intruder red handed. Chrissy mentions the expose, hoping to appeal to Catwoman’s vanity, but Catwoman is uninterested in helping Chrissy appeal to her misogynistic superiors. Instead of getting her story, Chrissy is turned into bait. The missing cub reporter will be an alluring case for The Bat. Fully encased in Nylon and restrained by a series of leather belts, Chrissy pleads for release but Catwoman is unrelenting. She leaves her new bat bait to struggle against her bonds, cinching a vibrating wand into place before making her exit.

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The Case For Hot Hacker Pussy

Starts slapping her around and shoving his cock in her mouth.

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