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The Juicy Pinned Pussy of Kelly O’Dell

Kelly O’Dell is in deep shit with the dreaded evil doctor, Olivia Outre. In order to extract information from this poor girl, Olivia clamps a whole laundry load of clothes pins to her sensitive pink pussy

Kelli Thomas: Pinned Nips and Pierced Clits!

Olivia Outre’s skilled acting gets us through this one. Kelli Thomas plays a reporter investigating a missing person, blah, blah, blah, and Olivia is some kind of sadistic doctor who needs to cover her tracks.

SS – Sep 24, 2010 – Mark Davis and Jynx Maze (9526)

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A Lovers Discipline # 3 – Shadow Lane

100th video celebrates the romance of discipline with an hour and ten minute spanking tour de force, featuring a beautiful young couple who originally met on a [email protected] Lane shoot and promptly fell in love. Both Arthur and Ava are experienced players, who enjoy playing long and hard.

Disciplinarian Nurse – Shadow Lane

Capable, competent Nurse Rogers becomes suspicious when senior Carrie Ann becomes ill at 2 p.m. every Thursday afternoon. One week it is cramps, the next an upset stomach or headache.