Ordered to apologise for Mike

Release Year: 2019

Mike… naked, wrists tied behind his back, suspended from the ceiling, leg spreader strapped between ankles.

You’d think he’d have learnt by now to show some respect, but from the start he’s cursing us, pulling away from me when I go in for a little grope. He particularly hates Jake, telling him to fuck off. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a foul mouth, so I whip out my evil nipple clamps to teach the cunt a lesson. Funny how the lightest touch on those things causes the most excrutiating pain.

Watch and laugh as I soon have him angrily shouting his sincere apologies. To show us his new found respect I allow him to wank our hardons through our clothes. The look of complete loathing on his face just makes my dick all the harder, particularly when he’s servicing the hated Jake. Mike is utterly ashamed of himself throughout.

A firm finger fucking later and the tosser is ready to have his anal virginity properly taken from him forever by my custom made vibrating dildo on a pole. Sadly for him, his tight little straight boy hole is stretched widely and painfully, by my one-size-barely-fits-all device.

For some reason the poor lad is covered in a cold sweat after his anal work-out. If it’s exercise he wants I’m happy to oblige, so let’s see how he handles a calf muscle endurance test. If the pain in his legs becomes intolerable, those freshly applied nipple clamps can be quite distracting.

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