Once A Month

Release Year: 2020

We visited sadOsam during our trip to Switzerland at the end of last year and were invited by the owner to shoot a few videos in his secret playroom. His playroom has gym gear, racks, bondage furniture and glory holes, so I’m sure that the private parties held in this location are really great.

One of the cool play devices is this bondage fuck chair. It’s made by EvilToys.de, and, as you will see, once the subject is strapped in and fully restrained, a motorized fucking machine below the chair can be positioned to insert a dildo into the ass of a prisoner. Then, with a hand-held remote control, this precision motor assembly can move the dildo in and out of the subject’s ass at any desired speed. But wait – there’s more! With another hand-held remote the chair can be tilted back until the prisoner is horizontal with his legs up in the air and still being fucked by the motorized dildo. This is so fucking cool!

But wait – there’s still more! Our friend BackStreet2001 who is strapped in the chair is wearing a head-to-toe rubber catsuit with not just one, but two sheaths! One sheath completely covers his cock and balls, and the other sheath goes up inside his ass. So, the motorized dildo slides into the sheath like a condom, and the sheath, which is part of the suit, is pushed up in his ass. Is this kinky or what? So, BackStreet is totally enclosed in rubber while SFDom edges him, and the motorized dildo slides in and out of his ass – while none of his body is exposed to the room. In addition, he’s lying on his back with his legs up in the air because the chair has been tilted into the reclined position. Unbelievable.

SFDom continues with his his well-honed edging skills during this entire process, bringing BackStreet to the brink of orgasm and back, until BackStreet can’t hold off any longer and cums inside his rubberized cock sheath. Naturally, all his cum is held within the sheath which keeps things clean and tidy on the outside. If you have never cum while your cock is inside a latex rubber sheath, it feels great! Frankly, I’m surprised BackStreet could hold off as long as he did. If we didn’t have the camera rolling and SFdom wasn’t jerking him off, he might have stayed in the horizontal position and enjoyed his bizarre situation for a longer period of time. Maybe we should go back and do this again? How about next year after the Virus is under control? I love rubber and maybe I can get a similar suit and try this scene myself.

In any case, a special thanks to our hosts at sadOsam who have an awesome playroom, and to BackStreet2001 who works at Rubbers-Finest, and SFDom who is my secret weapon when it comes to topping guys in my videos as well as a great travel partner. What a great team of kinky guys! Also, my hat off to EvilToys for a great bondage chair. I really enjoy capturing these rubber and bondage scenes and sharing them with all of you on this website. I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I do filmimg them.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 20:55
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 4.4 GB