No Stranger To Pain part 2

This week we welcome Annika Amour back to DungeonCorp. You might recall that last time she was here Bane gave her a rigorous workout. This time we’ve placed her in Holly’s capable hands and she is more than up to the task. Annika’s an alabaster skinned beauty, slender and firm, with a dark edge. She seems to be ready for action as Holly takes a whip to her back, in turn, Holly turns up the heat as Annika is whipped into a proverbial frenzy. The first orgasm of the day is a massive one, and if it weren’t for the ties that bind her, our little Annika would surely have fallen over when the pleasure wave hit her. It’s obvious that Annika is no stranger to pain…or pleasure…She’s then spread wide on the cube where she finds TENS pads attached to her inner thighs. Holly then jams a dong deep and Annika has no recourse but to cum wildly. It gets even more intense when the vibe is pressed upon her clit and we watch Annika struggle mightily, her hopes for escape being futile at best…Next up, she’s bound and bent as she takes a caning across her feet and pale ass. Drooling uncontrollably, it’s evident that deep down Annika is finding great pleasure here. And deep down is a theme to be noted as the dong is jammed inside once again as Holly plugs that pussy with a passion. For our finale’, Annika is tied tightly in the steel chair taking the whip across her torso. Once her flesh is reddened, Holly paddles her already raw pussy. And for a final measure, she reaches for the vibe, wanting to see is Annika’s got anything left to give

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