No Boundaries part 1

We finally got Allie back into the Dungeon and Bane gets right to work. After she’s blindfolded, he gives her a dose of electricity and then breaks out the whip. Allie’s precious, little squeals fill the air…And to think…her day has merely begun…Her squeals then turn to purrs however when she’s brought to her first orgasm of the day…Maybe Allie thought it would all be gravy after that, I’m not sure, but this would definitely not be the case. Perched atop the Sybian, Allie has her nipples stretched and weighted. After Bane cranks on the Cumbot, he takes it to a shocking level. TENS pads affixed to her torso are just the start as he bombards her with the whip, meticulously working her into submission and release. Next, Allie’s served up some good old fashioned paddling when she’s bent and bound. And then we watch her twitch when Bane tapes his apparatus deep inside her pussy. The tension reaches the point of overload when Allie finds herself bound to the plank for some "liquid refreshment". All bets are off and all limits are pushed, as it all culminates in a shrieking finale…

Format: mp4
Duration: 11:30
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Audio: 46kbps

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