Nichole Skye’s First Day at Did

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Mr Big Boss is looking over books minding his time waiting on Nichole to arrive. When she does shes definitely pleasing to the eye in her print dress and corset. Taking off his jacket for a bit more freedom he starts binding first her wrists, then her elbows with a body cinch. Next her mouth is packed and sealed with microfoam tape effectively gagging her. He takes off to check on a few things, leaving her standing on the carpet In front of his desk. She moves around aimlessly wandering remembering that she can use this time as high heel practice. Eventually he returns and binds her ankles before moving her over to the hearth and seating her before taking another piece of rope and binding her knees with it. An upper body harness completes her bondage and Mr Big Boss returns to his desk putting on his jacket and heading out for lunch leaving Nichole struggling on the hearth.

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Duration: 16:47
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