My Games With Gigi (2021)

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Gigi
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

When you will punish a girl, it is better that she accepts her fault and ready for her punishment. This way, you also feel yourself fair. Gigi missed an appointment and now she is aware that she is really faulty. She is keenly presenting her poor body to Dr. Lomp, to be sentenced for what she did. Her head fixed to bed rack, her never lasting painful day is about to begin. Take your seat and just enjoy her seductive screams.
Though Gigi is a good girl and obeying what Dr. Lomp orders, it is clear that she is not good at pain of fire. Lomp is aware of this lack of endurance and applying candle fire just on poor girl’s sweet pussy. Anyway, this is just a little "warming up", and then various extreme torture will touch to this helpless cunt. Gigi has her blindfold covering her sight, she must silently wait her bitter fate. Watch her sweet suffering under Dr. Lomp’s famous strokes.
As you may remember, in a clip, Gigi told that she doesn’t weep, because she lost all her tears long ago. Indeed, this statement is a challenge. Maybe Dr. Lomp has waited for the right time, and now he is ready to prove that Gigi still has got some tears hidden in her eyes. As demanded by you, admirers, Gigi’s pussy will be brutally whipped and caned. We will watch and see if Gigi is tough enough to survive this harsh torture without any tears.
This is one of those day which Dr. Lomp’s mood is really high. He wants to play a game with poor Gigi: blind man’s buff. Slave girl will put the blindfold on her eyes and helplessly wait for any stoke coming from Dr. Lomp. She will never understand from which side the whip come and where on her body it will kiss. She so can’t take position to protect her body. She will look like a zebra with the whip stripes appear on her tender skin. Desperate Gigi will suffer and scream out a lot, but we will see if she will drop any tears, as in an old movies she had said that she had already spent all her tears long years ago.

Total size: 6.8 GB in 4 files.